Learning Tapestry Crochet…

How I have never come across Tapestry Crochet before is beyond me but on my search of all things cat related I came across this pattern for a tapestry crochet bag – how cute is this??

I decided that I just HAD to give it a try and this is my version of it.


Now, as much as I love the way it turns out, I’m finding it’s taking me way too long to make this right now – I do have a market I should be preparing for – so I decided to cheat a bit and turn it into a coin purse instead :)

I still need to finish crocheting, line it and figure out how to add a zipper, so bear with me for that bit. You all know how wonderful my sewing skills are :(

I’ll post pics of it once I manage to finish it… assuming it’s not a complete disaster!

Back to beading…


It’s been a while since I picked up my beads. I think all that prep for the Summer Market I did had me all beaded out… for a while anyway.

Anyhoo, I received my new Sabine Lippert beading book in the mail (Beaded Fantasies – you can get it on Amazon here) and decided it was about time I tried making something from it’s pages. The book is wonderful, and her designs are AMAZING!!!

As my stash is somewhat compromised at the moment – I haven’t refilled it after the beading frenzy I had pre market – I settled on making the RAW Ribs Bracelet. The design calls for 4mm fire polished beads for the base … 360 of them all in the same color – which, of course, I didn’t have on hand but I did have a load of cheapo Chinese bicones that have been waiting for me to find a way to use them so I figured for a practice piece I could use those.

I’m not super excited about the color combination of this bracelet, but considering it was made using whatever I had on hand – and there are A LOT of beads in it – it’s turned out rather well.

On an even happier note, making it has reminded me how much I love beading so I went and ordered enough pretty, matching beads to make two more of them… watch this space :D

Crochet Cat Toy V 1.0 …

If all goes to plan, I’ll be setting up my stall at a fundraising day for a local cat shelter soon. Hopefully all goes to plan, ‘cos then I get to (hopefully) sell some stuff, and play with kitties at the same time :D Not to mention, help them raise some much needed funds to upgrade the shelter.

Anyhoo, in aid of this new development, I’ve decided I should make some cat friendly stuff for my stall. Would kinda make sense, right?

Please allow me to introduce cat toy version 1.0 – it’s supposed to be a cat but looks more like a mouse – which works too, so I’m gonna go with that – it’s a mouse!

It’s just a crochet ball, with some ears and a tail that I stuffed with fiber fill and cat nip. I’m calling it version 1.0 as he need some tweaks – I want him a little bigger, and I need to make the face easier to embroider, as that’s taking me FOREVER to do :( Also, his ears turned out wonky – not that our cat’s mind, but I do, so back to the crocheting couch for me. I’ll be back with version 2.0 soon-ish.

Laters *waves*


Avocado Egg Salad


Here’s another protein packed breakfast idea my buddy Google gave me.

Egg salad sandwiches are a favorite of mine, but the mayo really doesn’t like me so this is PERFECT! Not to mention slightly healthier :)

This is my version of avocado egg salad – perfect on toast with a nice cuppa in the morning :)


4-5 Eggs, hard boiled (depending on size)

1 Avocado

squeeze of Lemon Juice

salt and pepper


1. Peel and mash the eggs.


2. Mash the avocado.


3. Mix eggs and avocado together, add lemon juice and season to taste, mixing well.


4. EAT!

This will make enough for 4-6 bits of toast or open sandwiches so that’s 2-3 breakfasts or lunches sorted! For a bit of variety you can also add curry powder or mustard to taste.

Enjoy :D

Square Stitch Cuff…


This is the first ever square stitch cuff I made. It’s also the first pattern I ever made all by myself and I still love it!

It reminds me of those old school tapestry bags little old ladies have – although I’d love one myself and I’m not that old :)

It’s made from 10/0 ish Czech seed beads and I used a couple of rondelle beads for the clasp.

Egg Muffins



I’ve been trying to get more protein into my diet lately and I really struggle with breakfast ideas :/ Lunch and dinner aren’t really a problem but breakfast causes me loads of problems, probably because I’m still half asleep and can’t think properly.

I asked my trusty friend Google, and came up with egg muffins. I can make a batch of them and have breakfast for a few days – brilliant!

Without further ado – this is my version of egg muffins.


4-6 Eggs (depending on the size)

1 stalk green onion, sliced

4 slices ham, cut into 1cm squares

2 slices cheese, cut into 1cm squares

1/4 cup chopped bell pepper

1 tablespoon dried parsley

2 tablespoons milk

salt and pepper


1. Put eggs, milk, salt, pepper and parsley into a large bowl and whisk well.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix to combine.


3. Spoon into a silicone muffin pan (you can use a metal pan but you’ll need to greaseĀ it)

4. Bake for 15-25 mins at 180 degrees (Celsius)



Obviously you can substitute the veggies and other bits for whatever you fancy and these will keep in the fridge for a few days or even freeze apparently – I haven’t tried freezing them, I’ve just read about it. These can be eaten cold, straight out of the fridge, or you can pop them into the microwave and heat them up and the make a mean picnic addition too!

Enjoy :D