Cute little bear…


One of my other craft passions is card making. I remember when I was about 18 I received a handmade card from the guy I was dating at the time and loved the fact that he had put in the time and effort into MAKING me a card. That’s pretty awesome for a young guy to do actually! Needless to say, I loved the way it made me feel to be given something beautiful that was made just for me! I guess I want the people I love to feel the same way, which is part of the reason why I craft now.

I started card making about two and a half years ago as a way to work through some not so easy things that were happening in my life at the time and haven’t looked back since.

This is one I’ve made recently that’s going to a little girl that has a birthday is coming up. It’s simple and sweet and best of all pink and sparkly!

I used a Forever Friends stamp for the bear, my colouring in was done with ProMarkers and some glitter for the balloon. The pink frame around him is made with a Cuttlebug die (I don’t remember what it’s called, sorry), the inside edge of the frame is glittered and the outside edges are finished off with super thin velvet ribbon held on with double sided tape. I think it’s so cute, I’m tempted to keep it!


I found treasure!

Being an English speaker in country where English is not an official language brings with it many challenges. One of those is the availability of English language magazines. Sure, there are some available in the ‘kiosks’ here, but at about 15 CHF per mag, they can keep them, and I’m yet to find any craft ones. And sure, I could subscribe to the ones I want and have them shipped here but I’m lazy and haven’t gotten around to doing that. And besides, how do I choose? There are so many great crafting mags out there that if I try and order them all I won’t have the cash to buy craft supplies… and that would be VERY BAD.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my favourite Brocki (charity shop) here and found these!! I swear the staff there think I’m a little nuts, I actually did a happy dance in the shop.


Joy of joy’s, I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea and pour over my new bounty.

still on crochet…

The crochet roses I was making the other day have started something… Once I’d finished making roses in every colour under the sun (well, not quite, but I made a fair few) I started making dishcloths.


I love making dishcloths, there’s nothing like the instant crochet satisfaction I get from whipping up a few and, being so repetitive, it’s the perfect thing to make while sitting in front of the TV while the hubby watches football. These I started in front of the TV last night, but got tired and went to bed… The sun was out again today so I took them to my other ‘workshop’, the garden…


I got a surprise kitteny visit too 🙂



My favourite dishcloth crochet stitch is one I learned from a friend of mine, I have no idea what it’s called, or where it came from, but it turns out gorgeous, textured, soft dishcloths that look rather spiffy.

My dishcloths are made from cotton yarn, using a 3mm hook, and go a little something like this;

Chain 40

1/           (dc, ch2, sc) into the 4th chain from hook, *skip 3 chains, (2dc, ch2, sc) in the next chain.* Repeat from * to the end of the row.

2/           Ch2 and turn your work over (dc, ch2, sc) into the first ch2 space of the previous row then (2dc, ch2, sc) in each remaining ch2 space to the end of the row.

3/           Keep making rows until your cloth is square then, to make a hanging loop, chain 15 and slip stitch to secure. Finish off by weaving in your ends and voila, dishcloth sat-dish-faction!


You can use these little beauties as washcloths too, they are sooo soft and lush on your skin! I make them in batches of three and usually have few in my stash for last minute gifts. Fold them nicely and tie a bow around them = instant gift! Just make sure to include washing instructions if you’re gifting them.

As a side note, if you want more ‘scrubbiness’ try making these from acrylic yarn and corresponding hook.

Spring has sprung….


Spring has sprung here in Basel which has inspired me to get out my crochet stuff and make some little crochet roses. These are super simple to make and look super cute! I found a tutorial for them here and have been sprouting these like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve made a stack of them into hair ties for my friend’s kids as gorgeous Easter gifts, and even popped one onto a little bag I’m making for another little princess’ birthday… the possibilities are endless! I’m thinking brooches are next… mother’s day is coming after all.

Mine are made with left-over scraps of cotton yarn and a 3mm hook, but you can change up the materials and hook sizes to make them looser or tighter, bigger or smaller etc. etc.

These would look great on scarves and hats too, but lets not start thinking about winter when the sun has finally come out to play.

Just make sure to leave a nice long tail if you have a go at making these, as you will need that to roll and sew your rose into shape and attach it to whatever you choose to adorn with them.

The beaded beginnings…

Netted Cuff

I started beading about a year ago after watching youtube videos about beading and thinking “I wonder if I could do that?” turns out I can!

The first thing I ever made was called a ‘hugs and kisses’ bracelet. It was cute, but made from whatever random bits I had around the craft room and has since ceased to exisit.

The photos you see here are from my second attempt at bracelet making. It’s a simple netted cuff made of seed beads that I was really proud of… truth be told, I still like it. So here it is, shared with the world.

kittencraftsI cant find the original tutorial I made it from but if you would like to make your own grab some seed beads and try this one.

Let me know what you think.

Hello World…

So after much encouragement from my wonderful husband and friends here I am, posting my first ever blog post on my first ever blog. Am I nervous? Hell yes! Am I excited? Just a little!
I actually have no idea what to blog about, so this is just going to be random ramblings about my (relatively) new kittens and my passion for crafty goodness… with a bit of baking and things thrown in for good measure.