Hello World…

So after much encouragement from my wonderful husband and friends here I am, posting my first ever blog post on my first ever blog. Am I nervous? Hell yes! Am I excited? Just a little!
I actually have no idea what to blog about, so this is just going to be random ramblings about my (relatively) new kittens and my passion for crafty goodness… with a bit of baking and things thrown in for good measure.




2 thoughts on “Hello World…

  1. Well I love your blog so far, I’m not good at the chat but still want to share my makings – you seem to like many of the crafts that I like, although the beading thing I am not anywhere near your level – love those bracelets. I am trying different patterns with beads, some of them seem to defeat me, or maybe I’m one of those people who want instant gratification when making something. (lol) Anyway I will keep following you and seeing what your making. Peace.

    • Wow! Thanks for your kind words! I absolutely LOVE your cards, so so pretty! I really should get back to card making, I make them in a bit of a rush at the moment, just as I need them… but I’m so hooked on beads and crochet right now … Ah well, I guess that’s the crafty girl’s problem, what to make next! Your bracelets are lovely, keep up the beading, and play on you tube, there are so many great tutorials on there! I look forward to seeing what you make next 🙂 thanks for the follow!

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