Spring has sprung….


Spring has sprung here in Basel which has inspired me to get out my crochet stuff and make some little crochet roses. These are super simple to make and look super cute! I found a tutorial for them here and have been sprouting these like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve made a stack of them into hair ties for my friend’s kids as gorgeous Easter gifts, and even popped one onto a little bag I’m making for another little princess’ birthday… the possibilities are endless! I’m thinking brooches are next… mother’s day is coming after all.

Mine are made with left-over scraps of cotton yarn and a 3mm hook, but you can change up the materials and hook sizes to make them looser or tighter, bigger or smaller etc. etc.

These would look great on scarves and hats too, but lets not start thinking about winter when the sun has finally come out to play.

Just make sure to leave a nice long tail if you have a go at making these, as you will need that to roll and sew your rose into shape and attach it to whatever you choose to adorn with them.


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