I found treasure!

Being an English speaker in country where English is not an official language brings with it many challenges. One of those is the availability of English language magazines. Sure, there are some available in the ‘kiosks’ here, but at about 15 CHF per mag, they can keep them, and I’m yet to find any craft ones. And sure, I could subscribe to the ones I want and have them shipped here but I’m lazy and haven’t gotten around to doing that. And besides, how do I choose? There are so many great crafting mags out there that if I try and order them all I won’t have the cash to buy craft supplies… and that would be VERY BAD.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into my favourite Brocki (charity shop) here and found these!! I swear the staff there think I’m a little nuts, I actually did a happy dance in the shop.


Joy of joy’s, I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea and pour over my new bounty.


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