2 Drop Peyote



My neighbour gave me a bunch of seed beads a few months ago, knowing that I’m a little obsessed with beading. Unfortunately, they were Chinese seed beads that have no shape and size uniformity so I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to make with them.

Recently, I learnt the joys of 2 drop peyote and voila – inspiration struck! Because it’s a stitch using two beads at a time, bead size isn’t so much of an issue. Sure, it makes a wonkier, rougher looking finished product, but I like it. Sometimes bead weaving is a little too precise for my mood, and I want something that looks a bit more … messy and organic.



The beads she gave me were a gorgeous turquoise colour and I had some left over pale yellow and brown seeds so I threw those in, added silver and gold ones for a bit of bling and made bead soup. I love the colour combination that resulted!

I decided to make a cuff bracelet, I love cuffs!




Genevieve came to help too and meowed her approval (fuzzy iphone photo, sorry). Kitten help is always appreciated!



To finish it off, I found some pretty, gold coloured, metal buttons in the haberdashery section of the local department store in town that matched the gold beads in the bracelet and used them for my clasp.



So that’s a photo of my finished cuff on top of this post, I love it! What do you think?


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