Spring means…

Spring means lots of things come back that disappeared over the cold winter months. Sunshine, birds singing, flowers starting to bloom and of course butterflies!

I love butterflies. I hate moths, I am terrified of moths (I have no idea why either), but I LOVE butterflies. They’re so sweet and happy looking, flittering amongst the flowers in our garden, and the colours! And I love colours too!!

Unfortunately for the butterflies that call our garden home, our kitties love butterflies too. Just for different reasons. Apparently butterflies make awesome kitten toys, with all that flittering they do, and what better game is there for a kitten then to chase them around the garden and try to eat them :/

Seeing as I love butterflies, and colours, and painting what better way to combine all of these than to paint… wait for it… A BUTTERFLY! Bet you’re surprised I came out with that aren’t you? So that’s what I did, I whipped out my paints and ended up with this little blue beauty.



Pretty, isn’t she? Or he… I’m no butterfly expert, I just think they’re pretty.

So now I have my very own butterfly to put on my wall and look at whenever I want, and the best part… the kitties aren’t going to try and hunt this one.


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