Bags of fun!


I mentioned in my crochet roses post that I was making a bag for a little girl’s birthday and I wanted to share it with you all.

After looking at a gazillion patterns I decided to make it simple, she’s turning 6, so it doesn’t need to be anything super fancy, and her favourite colours are pink and blue… funnily enough I was halfway through making a pink dishcloth so I thought, this would work!

My dishcloth turned into a simple little bag simply by making my dishcloth twice the length it would normally be and then decreasing my stitches to make the flap part, easy peasy lemon squeezey!

I stiched up the sides, lined the inside with some blue felt, made a strap and used a cute wooden flower button for a closure and one of my crochet roses for decoration. I have some butterfly shaped beads floating around in my stash, so I’ll add a few of those too and call it a day!

I’ll make her some pink rose hair ties to go with it and a butterfly bead bracelet, she’ll love it, she’s such a girly girl 🙂


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