Meet Boris…


Crafting can get a bit lonely at times, as most of us do it at home, alone. So on occasion it nice to get together with friends who like the same stuff and spend a few hours chatting about what you’ve been making, creating or painting and of course solving all of the world’s problems at the same time!

About a year ago I joined an evening art class here in Basel and I LOVE it! The people are great, my teacher is awesome, and I get to paint to my hearts content with a bunch of like-minded people around to chat to, what’s not to like?

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Boris. Boris was one of the first paintings I finished in my art class and he’s still one of my favourites. Why is he called Boris? Well, Boris and I had a few disagreements along the way, sometimes he just wouldn’t do what I wanted him to, and, well, he reminded me of a friend of my parents, named Boris, who could be just as stubborn as my Boris was being with me… It stuck.

Boris has quit his stubborn ways and retired to my dining room wall. He seems pretty happy there 😀


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