Mini Owls…



I’ve been trying to use up the rest of these balls of yarn for ages and had no idea what to make with them… they were too small for dishcloths and too big for roses (and too multicoloured)… then last night EUREKA!

I found a pattern for mini owls here, and fell in love! How cute are these guys? Super easy to make, especially if, like me, you get lazy and just use buttons for eyes and embroider the beaks on instead of crocheting all the parts and attaching them 🙂

I had kitten company while I was working…


I know they are supposed to be Christmas decorations, but I figure owls can look cute at Easter too, and here in Swissyland they decorate Easter trees soo…

I’ve made mine with hanging stings on them, and I’m a little torn between keeping them or gifting them to the neighbours for Easter… Then again, my girlfriend just had a baby, so I may make a mobile out of them… decisions, decisions …

Heck, I love them so much I might just make more!


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