Late night shenanigans…


Ok so I couldn’t sleep last night, as you can see from the kitten post that happened at stupid o’clock in the morning… Well, I didn’t sleep after that either. I found this online and it inspired me to have a go making my own headband / ear warmer thingie.

I changed it up a bit, mostly because I find chain stitches don’t stretch enough for my liking, so I flipped it around and made it as follows;


5mm hook and chunky yarn (I don’t know what yarn it is, I found it in my stash)

Ch 14

DC into 3rd chain from hook and DC to the end of the row.

*CH2, DC in the same stitch, DC to the end of the row*

repeat between * until your headband is just short of making it around your head (you want it to stretch a bit to fit snugly)

Slip stich or whip stitch the ends together to form a loop.

Weave some thread between your stitches (along the width of your band) at the join so that when you pull the thread it gathers your headband just at the join and tie this thread to your starting thread / tail.


Make a separate matching bit of crochet (mine was Ch10 then the same as the headband for 8 rows).

Attach the smaller piece of crochet around the join, again use slip stitch or whip stitch to join the piece together to form a loop.

Do an additional couple of stitches to  join the small bit to the main band so it doesn’t move, and you’re done.

Obviously, depending on the yarn and hook combo you use, the width will change, that’s ok. As long as you’re happy with it that’s all that matters!

Not bad! And I managed to finish this in under an hour, while I was dead tired! Seeing as the weather here has turned a bit icky again, I may get some wear out of this sooner than expected :/

I may have another go at making this but with my DC in the back loops only so I can get more of a stripe pattern happening… we’ll see what happens if I can’t sleep tonight!



8 thoughts on “Late night shenanigans…

  1. This made me smile, I was thinking about making myself some hairbands and thought I would rake through my fabric stash and see if there was anything I could use, a scrap of jersey or the like, maybe I should consider crochet.!

  2. Great way to use up those sleepless nights, I find myself doing the same thing, and don’t forget these headbands/ ear warmers make great little gifts, too! Yours came out real cute! Sherry

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