Kiddie paint sets and cameras…

So I found this kid’s gouache paint set on sale last year so I picked it up and stashed it in my craft room for a rainy day. It’s one of those sets with 12 little cakes of paint and a cheap paintbrush in a plastic case, I used to have these as a kid but I’m pretty sure mine were water-color paints back then, and these say gouache on them – whatever that is. As much as I like painting, and I know the difference between acrylics, oils and water colors, I have never known what gouache paint was, and still don’t. Ah well, here may be a google search in my future šŸ™‚

Anyhoo, as with any good craft room, that paint set got put away and I forgot about it… untill I did a clean up and came across it, hidden under a pile of ribbons. Damn ribbons are everywhere! I’m a sucker for a pretty ribbon but I must figure out what to do with them all…

I digress, yet again :/

I found the paint set and that was the end of my clean up session and the beginning of my painting afternoon. The hubby wants me to paint him something to do with cameras, so I figured I could practice with this paint set on my mini sketch pad and see what happens. Now, I can generally sketch and paint most things, but my cameras usually turn out a bit strange so I googled paintings and drawing of cameras and got to work.

These two were my best efforts of the day… They are not original, I basically just copied them from my google picture search, but I figure it’s not a bad start to my ‘something to do with cameras’ painting odyssey. Wish me luck!


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