Square Stitch…



I’ve been drooling over bead loomed bracelets for a while now but refuse to go buy myself a loom (lets see how long that lasts), so I learnt how to square stitch.

This pattern was inspired by some art deco, beaded earrings I saw online, which I liked the idea of, but not so much the earrings themselves. After thinking about it for a while, I got out my grid paper and colored pencils and came up with this.

It’s made with cheap 11/0 seeds and good old Nymo thread and the closure is simple loop and a flat gold-ish bead that I found in my stash, but have no idea where it came from.

I think that if I have another go at making one of these I’ll try Delicas for a more even look.

Even with all that unevenness, this has turned out to be one of my favorite cuffs and I wear it constantly, thank the universe for that ‘cos it took me FOREVER to bead this!

If you want to try making one of these there are square stitch tutorials all over YouTube like this one from The Potomac Bead Company.

Have fun!




3 thoughts on “Square Stitch…

    • Lol, I feel your pain! That’s why I thought I’d give square stitch a try. It’s pretty easy to do, but very time consuming. That being said, it’s good meditation so I’d do it again. 🙂 thanks for visiting!

  1. Dunno if you have considered this, but beading looms are actually quite easy to make, if it’s the expense of a professional loom that’s stopping you. You just need a frame, which you can make out of scrap wood or use a pre-existing wooden box. Get a couple of 2″ long springs from the hardware store, screw them down to opposite ends of the frame with the spring stretched so that the distance between the coils is as wide as your beads. Add two more screws on the outside of the frame on the ends; wrap your warp threads around one screw, through the spring, across the frame, through the other spring, around the other screw, and back. Looks like you don’t really need a loom—that bracelet is lovely!—but it does save time.

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