This is my first ( and possibly last ) attempt at wire wrapping anything… I’m a little excited because it worked!! I also can’t quite believe that I managed to pull it off – Yay me!

I’ve had this stone pendant for a while now and never really knew what to do with it. I’ve tried incorporating it into other bits I’ve worked on and it just never looked right. Then, of course, I started blogging and came across loads of super talented jewelry artists who wire wrap stones and that gave me an idea for this particular pendant.

Now, I’m HOPELESS with wire, but I had a bit in my stash so I got onto YouTube and found this tutorial, which seemed simple enough for me to follow and tried it out. AND IT WORKED!

Mind you, I have a few more scrapes on my hands now, and I used a few not so ladylike words while I was wire wrangling wrapping, and the back is really rather messy… but I did it!

As fun as this was, and as much as I like my finished pendant, this wire wrapping shenanigans definitely isn’t for me… From now on, if I want a wire wrapped something I’m going to buy it from a professional, and save my hands, and nerves, for seed beads.


More baby hats …


Yet another baby arrived last week, so of course I made a hat.. in fact I made two – I just don’t know who the second one is for but I had so much fun making the first one I couldn’t stop 🙂

The little green one is for new bubs… the pink one is going to be put into my gift stash for later.

These are super easy to make, and I made them without a pattern, straight off the top of my head. If you want to try them, start with a magic circle, SC 8 into circle S/S to close then SC increasing rounds until you have your desired diameter and an even amount of stitches. Once you have your crown the size you want it, switch to puff stitch. Puff stitch into every 2nd stitch and keep stitching until it’s the right length. Finish it off with a round of SC and you’re done… Easy peasy.

That’s about as close to pattern writing I think I’ll ever get, but if it makes no sense and you want to try making this, drop me an email and I shall do my best to write you a ‘proper’ pattern.

Happy crafting everyone!

The Fringe….


Originally, the plan was to make a CRAW bracelet, but somehow I ended up with this instead.

The base for this is still CRAW but it turned into a fringed necklace, does that ever happen to you? You start making something and it morphs into something completely different? I actually love when that happens, it makes me happy to go with the flow and surprise myself with what I end up with.

For this non-bracelet, I used 8/0 seed beads in silver lined purple and gold (for added bling of course!) for the necklace and the fringe, 4mm bicones at the end of each fringe, and some square glass beads I found in my stash, and a simple lobster clasp to finish it off with.

I got a thank you card :D

Remember the little dishcloth bag I made a while ago for a little princess’ birthday? Well she LOVED it! In fact, her birthday was last week and she hasn’t taken the bag off since 😀

That’s what I call a job well done!

To top it all off, I found this on my doorstep when I got home today … it’s a handmade thank you card from her… complete with pictures of me, the hubby and the kittens  all wearing crowns – so cute!

Ode to home…


I’ve been fascinated by Australian Aboriginal art for a while now, and amazed at the complex patterns and images they create using just dots and ‘earth’ tones. In art class I decided to give their painting technique a try and finally finished it last week.

This took a really long time and a really steady hand, but I love the end result! It also means that I can have a little bit of home here in Swiss 🙂

Veggie Quiche..


So we went to the local farmer today, we do that sometimes as they have a little farm shop with seasonal fruit and veg and fresh eggs, and picked up a bag of veggies. That of course means that we are having a vegetarian dinner tonight 🙂

I love cooking, but I hate making pastry, so lucky for me I had some organic spelt pastry in the fridge – paired with the veg we got that means Veggie Quiche is on the menu. YUM!

Here’s my version of it;



1 pk           Pastry (I prefer spelt, but you can use whatever you like as long as it’s not sweet)

1 tbs          Olive Oil

1 bunch    Swiss Chard, chopped

1 med       Zucchini, grated

1 med       Carrot, grated

1 med       Leek, sliced

1 med       Sweet Potato, peeled and cubed

4 lge          Eggs

3/4 cup     Milk

handful     Grated Cheese

1 tsp        Sekem Couscous Sahara seasoning ( or any Moroccan type seasoning mix you like)

Salt and Pepper to taste



1.  In a large frying pan, heat oil and add your veggies. Cook on a low heat until chard is wilted – approx. 10 mins. Mix in seasoning mix.

2.  Place pastry into a greased or lined pie / quiche dish and prick bottom with a fork. Add cooked veg mixture and spread evenly.

3.  In a separate container, whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper and pour over veggies.

4.  Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 200°C for about 35-45 mins, or until set and golden brown.



Paper Piercing Card…


I found this while digging through a draw yesterday. It’s a card I made the hubby one year for our anniversary. I’d forgotten all about this, and how much I love it!

This did take me a while to do and almost killed my hand, cutting it all out with a scalpel so I wont be making these for everyone I know, but I’m still chuffed with it 🙂

I used an embossed card stock sheet and traced out the letters backwards, then cut it out and mounted it on some pretty paper using foam squares.

Fingerless Gloves…


I had this ball of yarn left over from another project and went looking for a way to use it on my best friend Google 🙂

I came across a gazillion patterns for fingerless gloves and decided to have a go at making some, so I chose the simplest pattern and started with that. The pattern basically said CH14 and half double crochet until you had a 14cm square… well, I have no idea what yarn / hook combo they were using, or if the pattern was supposed to be for kids (there wasn’t a lot of info on the pattern at all) but starting with a CH14 wouldn’t cover my wrist.

Thankfully it’s a pretty simple pattern so I just chained until my chain was long enough to cover my actual hand and wrist then HDC away until I could wrap it around said wrist. I ended up starting with a CH26 and 16 rows of HDC using a chunky-ish yarn and a 7mm hook.

I love them, but I think I need to try a pair that’s a little more challenging than making a dishcloth :/

Turquoise necklace…


Big bead buster #3 – I had some of these 6mm beads left from the bracelet I made my girlfriend and I LOVE them so I thought I’d use them up in a necklace for myself.

This is a pretty basic braided necklace, I measured and crimped three lengths of tiger tail to the clasp then strung on my beads and braided them as I went. The only problem I had was that I didn’t have a gold clasp, or silver seeds so the clasp doesn’t match 😦 I don’t really mind too much though as the gold seeds I used are a really pale  color and could almost be silver anyway.

More of my ‘big beads’ gone tho 😀

More additions to my stash :D

I love it when I open my letterbox and find this..


That means I have more goodies to add to my stash 🙂

Beads from my favorite bead shop in Swissyland – GlasCafè. If you’re in Swissyland this is one of the best value and best selections of seed beads you will find. And she also stocks both Fireline and Wildfire – one of the few places I have tracked Wildfire down in Swiss. I managed to score some good deals on delicas this time 😀


And more card making stuffage from the UK – Craftaway were having a sale and the shipping charges to here are reasonable so I went a little crazy 😀 Not a huge selection of stuff, but there are regular sales which means you can stock up on stamps and other bits really cheaply.


Anyhoo, I’m off to play!