Smooth Operator…


Living in Switzerland means that all the fresh fruit and veg is seasonal. It took a bit of getting used to, but I actually enjoy it now. It’s kinda cool to actually enjoy food that I didn’t even know I was missing!

Whenever Spring rolls around there’s is asparagus everywhere! And I’m quite partial to asparagus, but can’t cook it to save myself. Thankfully the hubby does some mean asparagus and it means I have to cook a little less 😉

The other thing I love about spring is that berries start showing up in the market, and that means summer is coming. Being an Aussie, I do love my sunshine!

I found these gorgeous strawberries and couldn’t resist taking them home… pair that with the fact that we have a whiz bang new blender and voila – Strawberry Smoothies!



My strawberry smoothies are a twist on what my mum used to make me as a kid, which I think is a very russian thing to have (my family is Russian). She used to cut strawberries into little pieces and mix them with sour cream and sugar and serve it to us in big bowls with a giant spoon… sound gross? It’s so not!

As I am way too lazy to cut up strawberries into little pieces, and we have a new blender, I adapted her recipe to make smoothies instead.



kittencrafts_smoothie2250g      Strawberries, washed with the green bits removed of course

1 tub      Sour Cream

200ml  Milk

1 tbsp    Brown Sugar

Throw everything in the blender, whizz, drink!

Makes enough for 2 and a bit glasses – enjoy!


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