I really needed another bag…. really!



Ok, so I confess, I really didn’t need another handbag but I did need to find something to make with that rainbow-y yarn I bought the other week. After all, 3 balls of yarn = 3 projects (at least) in my eyes.

Project one was this pot holder

Project two turned out to be this hand bag.

Again, I didn’t follow a pattern for this, I kind of amalgamated a bunch of patterns and ideas though and I really like the results so I might just use yarn #3 to make this bag again but actually write down how I made it so I have a pattern for it for the future.



2 thoughts on “I really needed another bag…. really!

  1. The bag turned out cute, you really should make another and write it out, you can always give the next one to a friend. You did a great job on it. Sherry

  2. Love it! I’ve just finished one myself, also an amalgamation of several designs that inspired me. It’s on my blog (sewchet.com) if you want to have a look:)

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