Golden Earrings…


So I’ve decided that I need to get through my stash of beads before I buy more… seed beads don’t count but anything over 4mm has to be used before I can buy new bits. I’m not exactly sure how long this new resolve will last, but I’m going to do my very best to use up all my ‘big’ beads!

This is the start of my ‘Big Bead Clean Out’ – wish me luck!

I just picked the first beads that came to hand and started playing, and ended up with a pair of new earrings. Not too bad me thinks!

These were made with 8mm round, glass beads, 4mm fire polished beads, 8/0 and 15/0 seeds and Wildfire thread.


4 thoughts on “Golden Earrings…

  1. I say something similar every week, but…….. i still end up buying something else to add to my mountains of stash!

    • Lol, I am much the same, but seeing as I’m seed beading more now, I really do want to get thought my ‘big’ bead stash to have more room for seeds… I figure if I even make 1 piece that uses those beads per week I’m doing ok. Wish me luck though, a new bead store just opened in town :/ I think I’m in trouble!

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