Big Old Pearls…


Still on my ‘Big Bead Clear Out’ I found these big old 12mm faux pearls in my stash and knew I needed to find them a home, but there were only four of them… what to do?!

Make a bracelet of course!

The color in the photo is a little off, sorry about that, but these pearls have a slightly pink tinge to them, so I paired them up with pale pink 4mm pearls, pale pink, silver lined 8/0 seeds and 4mm crystal / silver fire polished beads and some silver spacers.

To start, I measured three pieces of beading wire to go around my wrist about 1.5 times and crimped them onto my toggle clasp. I strung a spacer, a pearl and another spacer onto all three wires, then on one wire strung 8 x 4mm fire polished, 8 x 4mm pearls on the second wire and seeds on the third wire – I don’t know how many, just enough to be equal length with the 4mm’s.  I repeated this 2 more times and finished off with another spacer / 12mm pearl combo and crimped my wires to the other end of my toggle.

I love the result!


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