Fingerless Gloves…


I had this ball of yarn left over from another project and went looking for a way to use it on my best friend Google 🙂

I came across a gazillion patterns for fingerless gloves and decided to have a go at making some, so I chose the simplest pattern and started with that. The pattern basically said CH14 and half double crochet until you had a 14cm square… well, I have no idea what yarn / hook combo they were using, or if the pattern was supposed to be for kids (there wasn’t a lot of info on the pattern at all) but starting with a CH14 wouldn’t cover my wrist.

Thankfully it’s a pretty simple pattern so I just chained until my chain was long enough to cover my actual hand and wrist then HDC away until I could wrap it around said wrist. I ended up starting with a CH26 and 16 rows of HDC using a chunky-ish yarn and a 7mm hook.

I love them, but I think I need to try a pair that’s a little more challenging than making a dishcloth :/


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