The Fringe….


Originally, the plan was to make a CRAW bracelet, but somehow I ended up with this instead.

The base for this is still CRAW but it turned into a fringed necklace, does that ever happen to you? You start making something and it morphs into something completely different? I actually love when that happens, it makes me happy to go with the flow and surprise myself with what I end up with.

For this non-bracelet, I used 8/0 seed beads in silver lined purple and gold (for added bling of course!) for the necklace and the fringe, 4mm bicones at the end of each fringe, and some square glass beads I found in my stash, and a simple lobster clasp to finish it off with.


5 thoughts on “The Fringe….

  1. Your “non-bracelet” turned out real nice, and yes it has happened to me love surprise and the end result. I think it really makes it yours than.

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