More baby hats …


Yet another baby arrived last week, so of course I made a hat.. in fact I made two – I just don’t know who the second one is for but I had so much fun making the first one I couldn’t stop 🙂

The little green one is for new bubs… the pink one is going to be put into my gift stash for later.

These are super easy to make, and I made them without a pattern, straight off the top of my head. If you want to try them, start with a magic circle, SC 8 into circle S/S to close then SC increasing rounds until you have your desired diameter and an even amount of stitches. Once you have your crown the size you want it, switch to puff stitch. Puff stitch into every 2nd stitch and keep stitching until it’s the right length. Finish it off with a round of SC and you’re done… Easy peasy.

That’s about as close to pattern writing I think I’ll ever get, but if it makes no sense and you want to try making this, drop me an email and I shall do my best to write you a ‘proper’ pattern.

Happy crafting everyone!


11 thoughts on “More baby hats …

  1. They are adorable, I will be trying it my sister has two great granddaughters on the and one came in april so I’ll make them for fall / winter. Thank You for sharing.

  2. I like the pattern! Sometimes its just too much lacely patterns, but this fills the hat beautifully and still not too frilly. If you know whst I mean! 🙂

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