My very first market was yesterday and it was a resounding success!! Mostly thanks to my awesome, super supportive friends here 🙂

Anywhoo, I spent ages working not only on the things I was going to sell, but the stall itself and all in all I’m pretty happy with it. I’d love to add more levels and display space at some point but as a start, I love the way it turned out.


Excuse the mess under the table but this is my little stall.

The mannequin, who I named Sven, was from a flea market and was looking a little worse for wear when I brought him home, but a bit of decoupage and white wash and he turned into a focal point .. not to mention a talking point – which is always good! I used a basket I found at another flea market (I love my flea markets!) to display some of my crochet bits by stringing some twine across it and pegging my things to the line with mini clothes pegs – I saw that idea on pinterest and fell in love with it… so so cute! And for my card display I stole one of the hubby’s old photo exhibition frames and wrapped the back board thing with kraft paper and used the same washi tape stuff I used for my banner to cover the actual frame (I was too lazy to paint it). I then strung more twine on that and used more mini pegs to display some cards and just popped the rest in a small basket next to the frame.

I also managed to get some labels printed up – which I love, ‘cos they feature Gracie looking smashing 🙂

kittencrafts_labelsAnd here’s another pic with me actually in it! I have to say I was really well-behaved – that’s a bar behind me and I didn’t visit it at all!  Or the other two bars that were to my left, for that matter.



Pimping my Banner


I figured I would need some sort of signage to make myself look not quite so much like a newbie at all this craft stall stuff so I got online and ordered myself banner.

I couldn’t decide how to decorate it when I was ordering it so I just got a boring old white one with KITTENCRAFTS printed on it… Of course it arrived and I hated its plainness, but had no one else to blame but myself and my indecision so I set about figuring out how to make it less boring.

After much um-ing and ah-ing I wandered into Tchibo (one of my fave stores here to browse in) and lo-and-behold they had these Washi type tapes on sale! And they weren’t just the skinny mini Washi tapes they were nice 7.5cm thick ones. As you can see, they came home with me and were soon put to good use making my banner less boring 😀

Basically, I cut equal sized squares of tape which I then trimmed into pendants, and stuck them down working from the outside corners inwards.

Trimming the tape into pendants was harder than it sounds… this stuff sticks to everything, the scissors, my hands, my hair, the kitties :/ In the end I figured they didn’t have to be perfect – I am selling handmade stuff, the not so perfect quirks are the best bits and my banner can be the same!

The hubby thinks I should decorate it some more, but I actually like it the way it is now, and seeing as its being attached to the front of my table / stall, I think it will be fine as all my pretty stall stuff will be decoration enough 😉

Crochet Sun Hat


In all my market prep madness I haven’t forgotten about crochet – I made this for a little girl whose birthday is coming up. It’s the middle of summer so what better than a new sun hat?

This beautiful pattern is from the very talented Lauren over at Daisy Cottage Designs (pattern link here) and is super quick and easy to whip up.

I just need to pop on some embellishments and block it and I’ll be all done 🙂

And yes, blue for a girl ‘cos it’s her favorite colour!

Frankfurt Lace Cuff

Surfing the net for inspiration, I found the incredible Sabine Lippert at Trytobead, who is a brilliant German designer of bead woven jewelry. After drooling over her work I was super excited when I saw that she had some free patterns on her website to try out.

This is my version of her stunning Frankfurt Lace bracelet, and I’m totally in love… In fact I’m so in love, I ordered one of her books on Amazon to try out some more of her designs 😀

I did change it up a little, as I didn’t have any silk ribbons or giant buttons, I made a peyote  toggle clasp (YouTube video tutorial here from Potomac Bead Co) and embellished my finished cuff with some 4mm clear and light pink fire polished beads. LOVE IT!!!

Another button card


I’m really getting into these button cards – and how could I not when they turn out so cute?!

This was pretty easy to make, I have a felt heart in my stash so I traced around it onto a blank card and glued my trusty buttons on then stamped my sentiment using one of the oldest stamps I have – I’ve had it for so long I couldn’t even tell you where it’s from but I think it goes really well with the buttons 🙂 I used foam squares to 3D the sentiment a bit.

Beaded Buttons…

My neighbour bought a green cardigan and she wanted some swanky buttons for it but couldn’t find any she liked so she asked me to make her some… I’ve never made buttons, but was up for the challenge, thankfully she had these blanks for me to work on, which made my life a lot easier!



After much starting and stopping and pulling things apart again, using every green bead I have (ok, maybe not EVERY green bead, but it sure felt like it) I came up with these.

Thankfully she loves them, ‘cos they took me FOREVER!!!!


Another Painting Finished…


Managed to get another painting done in Art Class last week.

Here’s the thing, I don’t really like boats, yet here is my boat painting… and I love it! It was supposed to be something else but somehow ended up being a boat instead – and I don’t even remember what it was I originally wanted to paint! Sometimes I amaze myself with my airheadedness :/

Art class is wrapping up in a few weeks so I’m glad I got this finished, may even get one or two more churned out before the summer break if I’m lucky!

Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup


I asked the hubby to pick up some cherry tomatoes for our salad a couple of days ago and he came home with a kilo pack of them… A kilo… for one salad…

What’s a girl to do? Make soup of course!

Usually I make this with normal sized tomatoes so this was kind of a first for me, but at the end of the day cherry tomatoes are still tomatoes.

Why roasted? Because I love the slightly smokey flavour it gives the soup.


1 kilo         Tomatoes, chopped – or in this case, cherry tomatoes, halved.

1 large      Onion – quartered

3 cloves   Garlic, peeled

1 litre        Vegetable Stock

2-3 tbs       Olive Oil

1 tbs            Dried Basil

Salt and Pepper


1.  Place tomatoes, onion and garlic into a roasting pan, add basil and drizzle with olive oil. Mix to combine and roast on 180°C for about 45 mins

2.  Once the veg is roasted transfer into a large saucepan along with all the juice from the roasting dish. Add stock and season to taste – bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins.

3.  Take off the heat and use a stick blender to puree your soup straight in the pot.

You can serve this up garnished with creme fraiche and some dried dill or fresh basil or just drink it out of a mug with some crusty bread, whatever you prefer.