Someone’s in my ‘work’ chair



I’m guessing I wont get much beading done today, or at least not until Princess Grace decides to move 🙂


8 thoughts on “Someone’s in my ‘work’ chair

  1. My cat and I have fallen out with each other! She brought a live bird into the house today. Chaos ensued, feathers everywhere and eventually one dead bird. Cat = proud…Me=mad!

    • Oh dear 😦 that sounds horrid! Thankfully Grace doesn’t hunt… And the other one, Nennie, is only hunting flies (or walks as they end up with no wings) or moths…. And the occasional leaf. I really hope she never graduates to birds and mice and things.

    • Hahaha I tried the extra chair thing, but they still want mine 🙂 Thankfully they aren’t really interested in what I’m making, they just want to sit on my chair or in my lap and demand my attention so I cant really make anything!! Lucky they’re so cute!

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