Pimping my Banner


I figured I would need some sort of signage to make myself look not quite so much like a newbie at all this craft stall stuff so I got online and ordered myself banner.

I couldn’t decide how to decorate it when I was ordering it so I just got a boring old white one with KITTENCRAFTS printed on it… Of course it arrived and I hated its plainness, but had no one else to blame but myself and my indecision so I set about figuring out how to make it less boring.

After much um-ing and ah-ing I wandered into Tchibo (one of my fave stores here to browse in) and lo-and-behold they had these Washi type tapes on sale! And they weren’t just the skinny mini Washi tapes they were nice 7.5cm thick ones. As you can see, they came home with me and were soon put to good use making my banner less boring 😀

Basically, I cut equal sized squares of tape which I then trimmed into pendants, and stuck them down working from the outside corners inwards.

Trimming the tape into pendants was harder than it sounds… this stuff sticks to everything, the scissors, my hands, my hair, the kitties :/ In the end I figured they didn’t have to be perfect – I am selling handmade stuff, the not so perfect quirks are the best bits and my banner can be the same!

The hubby thinks I should decorate it some more, but I actually like it the way it is now, and seeing as its being attached to the front of my table / stall, I think it will be fine as all my pretty stall stuff will be decoration enough 😉


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