Making my own beading tray

I’ve been wanting to buy some beading trays for a while now, but of course, I can’t find them here in Switzerland and between shipping and customs charges it’s really not worth it, so I set about making my own.

Here’s what I came up with…

I had one of these Ikea frames laying about which was the size I wanted for my tray.


So I decided to go with that as it meant that I didn’t have to specifically go out and buy another frame or tray or come up with any other ideas 😀

I pulled the stand thing off the back then took the glass, photo mat and paper out of the frame and disposed of it.

kittencrafts_beadingtray2      kittencrafts_beadingtray3

Then I used a piece of felt and effectively ‘framed’ my felt and voila – a beading tray!


I’ve tried it out and it works ok – I think I’ll end up replacing the felt at some point with fleece type fabric as my beading needles tend to catch the felt but all in all I’m pretty happy with it. Now I just have to take a trip to Ikea to get some more of these frames (and maybe a cheapo fleece blanket) so I can have a few projects on the go and be able to stack the trays on top of each other when I’m not using them.


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