Something for me…

So now that the rush to make ‘market things’ is over, I decided to make something for myself.

I picked up a couple of balls of Lang Bazar yarn a couple of months ago because I loved the colours and feel of them. At 7 CHF a ball, they weren’t exactly cheap but not ridiculous either so of course they came home with me 🙂

At 37m per 50g ball they are pretty small so I was hoping that 2 balls would be enough to make myself a beanie, I figured 14 CHF is ok for a beanie but 21 CHF is getting a bit silly, seeing as I still had to make it. As an FYI Swiss Francs are pretty close to both the Aussie and US dollar in value at the moment – in case you’re wondering how much that works out to.

I digress.

I wanted a simple beanie – nothing fancy, and nothing to distract from the stunning colours of my yarn so I ended up settling on single crocheting in the back loop only and working in a round. I just kept increasing until I had my desired diameter then single crocheted until it was long enough… well, actually, until I ran out of my pretty yarn :/ Thankfully I had some lovely grey yarn in my stash that complemented the colours in my beanie so I switched to that and did normal single crochet for the remaining three rows I needed to get it to the length I wanted.

I love my new beanie – shame it’s summer and I have to wait a few months to wear it :/



8 thoughts on “Something for me…

  1. Your right about the colors beautiful combination, nice to treat yourself once in awhile and after your first market event you deserve it! Nice beanie 🙂

  2. It is so pretty. love the colors and it looks like you planned to use the grey for a border from the start. I so admire people who can crochet and knit beautiful things. I’m a terrible knitter and don’t know how to crochet.

    • I was so hoping that I’d have enough pretty yarn for the whole thing, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t… The border turned out fab, even if I wasn’t planning on it. As for knitting and crochet, I can barely knit a scarf… A simple one, but give me a crochet hook and I can make all sorts of things 🙂 you should try it, there are loads of brilliant tutorials on YouTube that you can pause and rewind to your hearts content that will have you crocheting in no time!

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