Scented Salt Dough Hangies…

Now I’m not exactly sure that this is classic salt dough but I don’t really know what else to call it so salt dough it is.

I found this recipe here and its listed as scented rocks – well I liked the idea of the rocks, but being a bit of a girl, I wanted something prettier so I decided to try to make some hangers.

I made the dough as per the recipe, using a mixture of green apple and vanilla oils to scent it with (YUM) and rolled it out to about 1.5 cm thick, then took one of my stamps and a blue ink pad and stamped my dough

Then I used some cookie cutters to cut out my shapes and a skewer to make a hole in the top for ribbon or whatever to hang them with. As a hint, you need to jiggle the skewer around a bit to make a big enough hole to string something through.

kittencrafts_smellies3I re-kneaded and re-rolled my left over dough and repeated the process until all my dough was used up, then left my smelly shapes on a rack to dry for 48 hours.


Once dry and hard, I strung some ribbon through the holes I’d made and voila – scented salt dough hangies for wardrobes, or bathrooms or anywhere really – and much prettier than the salt rocks this was based on 😀

kittencrafts_smellies5I’m going to seal the stamped side with some matt varnish just to make sure that the ink doesn’t rub off onto anything and leave the back uncoated to allow the scent to come out – and also so I can spritz more scent on them when the time comes.

How cute are these for little gifts? Love them 😀


4 thoughts on “Scented Salt Dough Hangies…

  1. Wow! This sure brings back memories of the past thanks for the refresher on a great old craft! This is one little kids would enjoy also and make their handprints & paint as a small gift for their grandparents.

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