Replacement Pot Holders…

My lovely neighbour asked me to make her some new pot holders.

She’s has these ones for donkey’s, and loves them, but unfortunately they now have holes in them, so aren’t really functioning properly as she keeps burning her fingers :/


I gave her my cotton stash and told her to pick some colors, while I got online and tried to find a pattern to match her existing pot holders. I found this pattern for German Pot Holders on Ravelry and attempted this pattern a few times, but it just wasn’t working out for me. I was either being really daft or it’s not written all that clearly – I’m probably being daft :/

Anyhoo, I fudged the pattern a bit and this is my progress so far.


To get this, I did the following;

Size 3 cotton and a 3mm hook

1.   Ch 12 and s/s to close then 26 sc in circle to fill it and s/s to close the circle.

2.   Ch 1 and turn,  sc in the next 3 stitches, sc 3 in the next stitch (put a marker in the middle stitch), sc in the next 3 stitches

3.   Ch 1 and turn, sc in each st to marker, sc 3 in marked stitch (replace marker in middle stitch again), sc in each stitch to end of row.

Repeat row 3 until you have your desired size. (I’m aiming for approx. 15 cm square ones)

I’m not sure if I’ll edge these when I’m done or not, or even what kind of edging to use. The original holders have a simple single crochet edge, but the pattern has a picot style edge… decisions, decisions…



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