Learning Tapestry Crochet…

How I have never come across Tapestry Crochet before is beyond me but on my search of all things cat related I came across this pattern for a tapestry crochet bag – how cute is this??

I decided that I just HAD to give it a try and this is my version of it.


Now, as much as I love the way it turns out, I’m finding it’s taking me way too long to make this right now – I do have a market I should be preparing for – so I decided to cheat a bit and turn it into a coin purse instead 🙂

I still need to finish crocheting, line it and figure out how to add a zipper, so bear with me for that bit. You all know how wonderful my sewing skills are 😦

I’ll post pics of it once I manage to finish it… assuming it’s not a complete disaster!


2 thoughts on “Learning Tapestry Crochet…

  1. It looks great for your first time, and using the pattern for a coin do to timing isn’t a bad idea besides when you make a purse you will already have a matching coin purse to g with it! 🙂
    Adding a zipper to crochet items isn’t hard to do so don’t let it worry you. Nicely done again!

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