More Cat Toys…


This time it’s catnip fish…

Cute, colorful, crochet fishies… a whole school of them – well not quite, but I’m working on it!

I’ve stuffed them with fiber fill and catnip so the kitties love them, and I even made them have crinkly tails by stuffing the tail part with a piece of the plastic from a window faced envelope… so they make noise too πŸ™‚

Love them!


7 thoughts on “More Cat Toys…

  1. These are super cute! I’ve always wanted to make toys for my cats but have always been worried about them choking on the toys. Lol. Is fiberfill stuffing safe for cats btw?

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Why not give it a try, it’s kinda fun!

      I have to assume that fiberfill is okay as long at they don’t actually eat it… It’s child safe, and I’ve pulled apart a couple of their store bought toys to see what was inside, and that’s fiberfill and I know my dog’s toys, many moons ago, we’re filled with the stuff too (he used to tear them apart for fun and leave the mess for me to clean up) so I’m assuming it’s fine.

      Besides, they would need to seriously work on getting to the stuffing… Mine tend to roll around with the fish in their paws rubbing their faces on them, or throwing them over their heads and chasing them, neither of which come close to the effort and strength doggy put into tearing toys apart.

      I’m thinking it’s fine, but if I see that they have managed to rip a toy up at some point it’s going straight in the rubbish just to be sure.

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