Summer returns… if only for a few days

Basel has had the worst summer ever! Or at least since I’ve been living here, but last weekend it came back 🙂 YAY!

In celebration of the sun coming out the very loosely termed crochet ‘group’ I catch up with occasionally got together at one of our local Starbucks and had a Crochet Cafe afternoon.


The lady that started this group is a very talented crocheter who runs an online shop for underprivileged kids in the Philippines called Adorn For Hope (you can check out her store here). She’s the one who taught me to crochet and we did the Summer Market together, so it was great to catch up and meet a couple of her friends. What better way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon than sitting outside, drinking coffee, eating cake, chatting and crocheting?

The hubby was working on Saturday day/night so I had the whole day to myself, thankfully it was another sun filled day and joy of joys my local market was on. I wandered down there and treated myself to a beautiful pair of earrings made by a talented local beader named Barbara… how cute are these?


Barbara also had a stunning collection of bead crochet ropes on display which, of course, inspired me to give it a try… I’ve got to say, it’s harder than it looks!!

After much YouTube-ing I pulled out the thinnest crochet thread I had in my stash and the biggest seed beads I could find and started stringing them..


Once that was done (which took forever!!) I found my smallest hook and after many, many hours of trial and error and you tube tutorial watching, ended up with this..


It’s a bit wonky, but if you knew how long it took me to make this you would understand how proud I am of it 😀

Of course by Sunday I couldn’t look at it anymore so I put it away for a bit and made the crochet fish I posted, but I think I’ll pick up my bead crochet again today and at least try and get a bracelet out of it.

I’ve learnt a lot from my tiny bead crochet attempt, so I may have to go shopping and get myself some thinner, lighter colored thread, and of course, some more beads for my next attempt. And I must remember to crochet a little looser for the next one!

Anyhoo, that was my weekend. Hope yours was lovely too!


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