Rainbows and Birthdays…


Two of my favorite things are rainbows and birthdays so what better way to combine them than making a rainbow birthday card? πŸ˜‰

To make this card I hand drew a cloud and cut out two of them. I then embossed one and edged it with blue stamp ink and covered it in clear glitter. The other one I sponged the same blue ink on then layered them slightly off center using foam dots for that 3D effect I love. I used quilling paper strips to make the rainbow by sticking some double sided tape to my card base then just laying my paper strips onto it. The cloud was attached using double sided tape too.

Now my rainbow was curling at the ends so I solved that problem by stamping my greeting onto the same white card I used for my clouds, which I then glued onto the bottom of my rainbow to hold it down and edged the greeting with Washi tape, because my rainbow wasn’t colorful enough and I though it needed a bit more πŸ™‚ To finish off, I glued sequins onto the card for the raindrops (and added bling) and my little card was done.

Love it! I just hope whomever I give it to doesn’t read my blog first πŸ˜€


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