Building Ladders….


The hubby and I spent Saturday building a new cat ladder for our two little princesses… They didn’t much like version 1.0, which was a thinner bit of wood with no mesh over the top.

Version 2.0 is MUCH more successful! Not to mention much safer for our fur kids to use.

Neither hubby or I are very ‘handy’ but this was actually a piece of cake! The hardest thing about building it was sawing all the steps as we only had an old school hand saw to use, and seeing as hubby’s back isn’t great at the moment I did most of the sawing 😦 Guess who had a really sore arm that night?

But it’s done, and it works, and it was super easy to make so I’m rather chuffed!

Since we put it up we’ve been trying to get them to use it… Grace, our braver grey kitty had it down that night… it helps that she LOVES tunnels, so this is just a new tunnel for her to play in 😀 (she’s the grey blob in front of Nennie)

Nennie, our somewhat less brave (complete scaredy cat!!) grey and white kitty has yet to master it. This pic is the ONE time she has been in it, and that’s as far as she got before reversing back into the apartment 😦

Ah well, I’m sure she’ll get it eventually… it did take her 3 weeks more to venture into the garden than it took Grace so I guess she’s just naturally more cautious.

It’s so funny how they are sisters and polar opposites! Grace takes months to get to know and trust people – it took her 4 months to let hubby pat her properly and almost double that with me, but she will go off and explore places and get into trouble with the other cats in our street without backing down – even though she is the smallest cat on our street!

Nennie on the other hand, loves people. She’ll let anyone pat her, and she’ll happily snuggle on any available lap. She follows us around the apartment and calls when she can’t find us until we answer her, but she is so cautious of new places and new things it’s crazy.

Lucky I love both of them like crazy!

Fingers crossed that Nennie gets the hang of it soon. poor thing had been cooped up indoors since the weekend 😦


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