Hi There,

meMy name is Nataly, I’m a 30 something year old Aussie girl who married a Swiss boy and found herself living in Basel, Switzerland.

Since I’ve been here I’ve set up house, found some friends, attempted to learn German (must get back to that soon) and helped the hubby start up his photography business. Essentially I’ve become a housewife and occasional photography assistant, something that I never dreamed I’d find myself doing, but here I am.

I’ve always loved making things. As a kid I was always in the kitchen cooking with mum, or in the shed helping dad make or fix something. Drawing, painting and gluing things together was much more fun than playing with dolls, so I guess I’ve been crafting in one way or another for as long as I can remember.

Crafting has been my saviour here. It’s kept me busy, helped me make new friends on the other side of the world and saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  I love to craft and seem to find something new to try out on a weekly basis. I think there’s something wonderful about handmade things, the time and skill put into a handmade something is amazing. I’m always more than happy to pay extra for something that’s been crafted, or to craft something myself for those I love rather than going out and buying something mass produced. I think handmade things have more soul.

I also love to cook, bake and paint, so there may be some of that popping up here occasionally.

I have a soft spot for charity shops and flea markets. Something I inherited from my dad, who would take the whole family out every Sunday to one flea market or another. I love the thrill of finding something amazing, or taking something old and transforming it into something new…

We recently adopted two rescue kitties, named Grace (on the left) and Genevieve, who have turned this dog lover into a cat person, even though I wasn’t sure that was possible. Watching them is better than TV so I’m sure their antics will make it to the odd blog post or two.


G&G_19So here I am with my very own blog, so I guess I’ll be writing about all the ways I find to keep myself vaguely sane.

Thanks for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Absolutely Love your blog Nat and your art work is amazing – it would seem you’re not just a dab hand with the paintbrush! You’ve got some fab ideas and your beaded bracelets are awesome! I’ll definitely be watching THIS space….. !

  2. I like your blog and your crafts! You are sure really talented! I will visit again soon ^^
    Love from Germany – BTW I am always happy to help out with german problems 😉

    • Hi Malar, Thanks so much for the nomination! I will have to give this one a miss though as I’m really busy working towards my first market :O And well done you, for getting nominated 😀

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