More from the art room…


I’ve really gotten back into the swing of things in art class and this is my latest attempt at painting.

I’m really not good with faces, so a back view is just perfect for me… except this one involved a hand… I’m also bad at hands 😦

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how she turned out though, despite the damn hand 🙂


Another Painting Finished…


Managed to get another painting done in Art Class last week.

Here’s the thing, I don’t really like boats, yet here is my boat painting… and I love it! It was supposed to be something else but somehow ended up being a boat instead – and I don’t even remember what it was I originally wanted to paint! Sometimes I amaze myself with my airheadedness :/

Art class is wrapping up in a few weeks so I’m glad I got this finished, may even get one or two more churned out before the summer break if I’m lucky!

Ode to home…


I’ve been fascinated by Australian Aboriginal art for a while now, and amazed at the complex patterns and images they create using just dots and ‘earth’ tones. In art class I decided to give their painting technique a try and finally finished it last week.

This took a really long time and a really steady hand, but I love the end result! It also means that I can have a little bit of home here in Swiss 🙂

Mixed Media Madness….

The weather has been pretty average here so I’ve been spending more time indoors… and that means I’ve been spending more time in my craft room 🙂

I have had these two, small canvases in my craft mess for a while now and decided it was time I used them. I didn’t want to paint them, that would take too much time, I just wanted to do something fun and fast so I mix media-d them.

I started off painting them then decopatching, then painting over that too, and finishing off with stamping and stencils. The birds in both of these are actually part of the napkins I decopatched with, I just outlined them after I had painted over the original decopatch, and in the case of the ‘home sweet home’ one, I painted colour into them too.

Not a bad way to spend a cold, rainy afternoon. Hope yours was sunshiny!

Kiddie paint sets and cameras…

So I found this kid’s gouache paint set on sale last year so I picked it up and stashed it in my craft room for a rainy day. It’s one of those sets with 12 little cakes of paint and a cheap paintbrush in a plastic case, I used to have these as a kid but I’m pretty sure mine were water-color paints back then, and these say gouache on them – whatever that is. As much as I like painting, and I know the difference between acrylics, oils and water colors, I have never known what gouache paint was, and still don’t. Ah well, here may be a google search in my future 🙂

Anyhoo, as with any good craft room, that paint set got put away and I forgot about it… untill I did a clean up and came across it, hidden under a pile of ribbons. Damn ribbons are everywhere! I’m a sucker for a pretty ribbon but I must figure out what to do with them all…

I digress, yet again :/

I found the paint set and that was the end of my clean up session and the beginning of my painting afternoon. The hubby wants me to paint him something to do with cameras, so I figured I could practice with this paint set on my mini sketch pad and see what happens. Now, I can generally sketch and paint most things, but my cameras usually turn out a bit strange so I googled paintings and drawing of cameras and got to work.

These two were my best efforts of the day… They are not original, I basically just copied them from my google picture search, but I figure it’s not a bad start to my ‘something to do with cameras’ painting odyssey. Wish me luck!

Loads of Colors…



Managed to finish another painting in Art Class last week and just wanted to share it with you.

I was inspired by an artist called Hundertwasser, so not my usual style, but art is supposed to be an experiment sooo  this was my experiment.

It was the first time I mixed up my media and decoupaged (is that even a word?) underneath the red part with some cool napkins I found and then covered it with gel medium mixed with red paint to give it some structure.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, bit more adventurous than usual but I like it!

Meet Boris…


Crafting can get a bit lonely at times, as most of us do it at home, alone. So on occasion it nice to get together with friends who like the same stuff and spend a few hours chatting about what you’ve been making, creating or painting and of course solving all of the world’s problems at the same time!

About a year ago I joined an evening art class here in Basel and I LOVE it! The people are great, my teacher is awesome, and I get to paint to my hearts content with a bunch of like-minded people around to chat to, what’s not to like?

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Boris. Boris was one of the first paintings I finished in my art class and he’s still one of my favourites. Why is he called Boris? Well, Boris and I had a few disagreements along the way, sometimes he just wouldn’t do what I wanted him to, and, well, he reminded me of a friend of my parents, named Boris, who could be just as stubborn as my Boris was being with me… It stuck.

Boris has quit his stubborn ways and retired to my dining room wall. He seems pretty happy there 😀

Spring means…

Spring means lots of things come back that disappeared over the cold winter months. Sunshine, birds singing, flowers starting to bloom and of course butterflies!

I love butterflies. I hate moths, I am terrified of moths (I have no idea why either), but I LOVE butterflies. They’re so sweet and happy looking, flittering amongst the flowers in our garden, and the colours! And I love colours too!!

Unfortunately for the butterflies that call our garden home, our kitties love butterflies too. Just for different reasons. Apparently butterflies make awesome kitten toys, with all that flittering they do, and what better game is there for a kitten then to chase them around the garden and try to eat them :/

Seeing as I love butterflies, and colours, and painting what better way to combine all of these than to paint… wait for it… A BUTTERFLY! Bet you’re surprised I came out with that aren’t you? So that’s what I did, I whipped out my paints and ended up with this little blue beauty.



Pretty, isn’t she? Or he… I’m no butterfly expert, I just think they’re pretty.

So now I have my very own butterfly to put on my wall and look at whenever I want, and the best part… the kitties aren’t going to try and hunt this one.