Bling Ring Pendant…



Here’s a cute little pendant I whipped up.

It’s called the ‘Bling Ring’ and it’s a free pattern from the super talented Sabine Lippert from trytobead. The pattern is super simple to follow and beads up really quickly so it’s perfect for when you’re feeling crafty but don’t have a load of time to make something…

I really like it so I might go make some matching earrings to go with it 🙂


Beaded Earrings…


So my beading obsession continues…

This time I found a tutorial by the lovely Sara Spoltore on YouTube for these amazing earrings (link to the video is here).

Thankfully I had all the required bits in my stash this time and didn’t need to order anything for them – YAY!

She suggests using tissue paper or sponge to stuff these but that struck me as a little odd… what if it rains while you’re wearing them? I decided to jam a bead in the middle instead. Please don’t ask me what size beads I used for that… it’s either 6 mm or 8 mm – probably 8 mm but I wouldn’t bet my life on that, I just found them in a box of ‘reject’ beads I have.

I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, and I just love the little triangles to cover the earring posts… I’m thinking of playing with those a little more and making some smaller stud type earrings using this as a base… I’m sure I’ll post them here if I ever get around to making them 😀

So many ideas… so little time to make them all!!

Back to beading…


It’s been a while since I picked up my beads. I think all that prep for the Summer Market I did had me all beaded out… for a while anyway.

Anyhoo, I received my new Sabine Lippert beading book in the mail (Beaded Fantasies – you can get it on Amazon here) and decided it was about time I tried making something from it’s pages. The book is wonderful, and her designs are AMAZING!!!

As my stash is somewhat compromised at the moment – I haven’t refilled it after the beading frenzy I had pre market – I settled on making the RAW Ribs Bracelet. The design calls for 4mm fire polished beads for the base … 360 of them all in the same color – which, of course, I didn’t have on hand but I did have a load of cheapo Chinese bicones that have been waiting for me to find a way to use them so I figured for a practice piece I could use those.

I’m not super excited about the color combination of this bracelet, but considering it was made using whatever I had on hand – and there are A LOT of beads in it – it’s turned out rather well.

On an even happier note, making it has reminded me how much I love beading so I went and ordered enough pretty, matching beads to make two more of them… watch this space 😀

Spiral Ropes…


These two bracelets are part of what I whipped up for my stall. They are simple spiral ropes using 8/0 seeds for the core and 11/0 seeds mixed with 4 mm fire polished and drop beads (left one) and 11/0 seeds and 4 mm crystal bicones (right one).  Both of these are made with trusty Fireline thread and simple magnetic clasps.

The thing I love about these spiral ropes is that they are a great way to use up your not so ‘perfect’ seed beads. So if you happen to have a stash of Czech or Chinese seed beads that aren’t great for bead weaving work, make a few of these to use them up – perfectly sized beads are much less important here. Also, these are super easy and quick to make and look really pretty as both bracelets and necklaces.

If you want to have a try are making your own there are loads of tutorials on YouTube like this one from the incredible Jill Wiseman.

Frankfurt Lace Cuff

Surfing the net for inspiration, I found the incredible Sabine Lippert at Trytobead, who is a brilliant German designer of bead woven jewelry. After drooling over her work I was super excited when I saw that she had some free patterns on her website to try out.

This is my version of her stunning Frankfurt Lace bracelet, and I’m totally in love… In fact I’m so in love, I ordered one of her books on Amazon to try out some more of her designs 😀

I did change it up a little, as I didn’t have any silk ribbons or giant buttons, I made a peyote  toggle clasp (YouTube video tutorial here from Potomac Bead Co) and embellished my finished cuff with some 4mm clear and light pink fire polished beads. LOVE IT!!!

CRAW Bangle take 1


I finally bit the bullet and attempted this tutorial from Beading4Perfectionists on a cubic right angle weave bangle.

It’s my first ever bangle, so I’m pretty happy that it’s bangle shaped and fits over my wrist but I’m not too happy with the colors on it. These were just the beads I had in my stash that matched this particular design so I went for it. I’ll have to try again with a better bead combo.

That being said my neighbour loves it! Shame it doesn’t fit her otherwise I would happily gift it to her… ah well.

Russian Spiral…


One of my art class friends gave me a box full of beads and sequins a little while back and these great pearl and black seeds were in there… What better way to use them than to make one of my favorite beaded ropes!

This Russian Spiral ( tutorial by beading4perfectionists here ) is made with 6/0, 8/0 and 11/0 seeds – and that’s only because I didn’t have enough 6/0 black beads to finish the whole necklace so I figured I could make the middle part fatter and the end parts a little skinnier – thankfully there were enough pearl colored 8/0’s to make the whole thing or this would have ended up as a bracelet!

I also used black 11/0’s to make little end caps and sewed them onto the end of my rope to neaten it up a bit. The closure is just a rondelle bead and peyote loop.

Now to figure out what to make with the rest of the beads and sequins 😉

Not a Knot…


A little while ago I made a chenille stitch bracelet and fell in love with it. This time I thought I’d take it a step further and make one of these ‘knot’ bracelets that I’ve been seeing all over the internet. I loved them and wanted one for myself, so here it is – my version of the knot bracelet.

Unfortunately, I really struggled to get a decent photo of it, it looks MUCH nicer in real life!

This is just two strands of chenille stitch looped together with the ends sewn to each other. I made it using 11/0 seeds and Fireline.

I really wanted to find a magnetic kumihino style closure for it, but of course I couldn’t find one that was big enough… and then I got impatient and just used a toggle clasp :/

Ah well, I’m totally in love with it, and rather impressed with myself for pulling it off 😀

The Pineapple…



So I’ve decided to call this necklace ‘The Pineapple’ because that’s what the pendant reminds me of, a pineapple.

I’ve been itching to make something with the beads I got in the mail the other week, and when I got them out to play with this is what I ended up with.

The pendant is made using the tubular netting technique, with 4mm round beads, 15/0 and 11/0 seeds. I added a little bit of fringe at the bottom because I thought it looked a little strange without anything there, then wove my thread back up the pendant and made the necklace with RAW, using the same round beads and 11/0’s from the pendant.

The clasp is a crystal rondel bead with a peyote loop.


The colours are a little more Autumn than Spring, but that just gives me more time to buy something to wear this with 😉

Square Stitch…



I’ve been drooling over bead loomed bracelets for a while now but refuse to go buy myself a loom (lets see how long that lasts), so I learnt how to square stitch.

This pattern was inspired by some art deco, beaded earrings I saw online, which I liked the idea of, but not so much the earrings themselves. After thinking about it for a while, I got out my grid paper and colored pencils and came up with this.

It’s made with cheap 11/0 seeds and good old Nymo thread and the closure is simple loop and a flat gold-ish bead that I found in my stash, but have no idea where it came from.

I think that if I have another go at making one of these I’ll try Delicas for a more even look.

Even with all that unevenness, this has turned out to be one of my favorite cuffs and I wear it constantly, thank the universe for that ‘cos it took me FOREVER to bead this!

If you want to try making one of these there are square stitch tutorials all over YouTube like this one from The Potomac Bead Company.

Have fun!