Bling Ring Pendant…



Here’s a cute little pendant I whipped up.

It’s called the ‘Bling Ring’ and it’s a free pattern from the super talented Sabine Lippert from trytobead. The pattern is super simple to follow and beads up really quickly so it’s perfect for when you’re feeling crafty but don’t have a load of time to make something…

I really like it so I might go make some matching earrings to go with it 🙂


Beaded Eyeglass Strap…



My latest beading experiment has been these beaded eyeglass straps and I’m rather impressed with them!

They are, of course, super easy to make. All you need is some beads, tiger tail wire, crimp beads and those little rubber eyeglass holder bits for the ends. I’ve found that they are a brilliant way to use up all my ‘left over’ beads. You know, the random parts left from making bracelets or necklaces, where there’s not enough to make another big-ish piece … well here’s what you can do with them!

I used seed bead scraps and mixed them into bead soups and gathered up ‘left over’ 4 mm beads and just randomly strung them onto my wire. EASY!


Summer returns… if only for a few days

Basel has had the worst summer ever! Or at least since I’ve been living here, but last weekend it came back 🙂 YAY!

In celebration of the sun coming out the very loosely termed crochet ‘group’ I catch up with occasionally got together at one of our local Starbucks and had a Crochet Cafe afternoon.


The lady that started this group is a very talented crocheter who runs an online shop for underprivileged kids in the Philippines called Adorn For Hope (you can check out her store here). She’s the one who taught me to crochet and we did the Summer Market together, so it was great to catch up and meet a couple of her friends. What better way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon than sitting outside, drinking coffee, eating cake, chatting and crocheting?

The hubby was working on Saturday day/night so I had the whole day to myself, thankfully it was another sun filled day and joy of joys my local market was on. I wandered down there and treated myself to a beautiful pair of earrings made by a talented local beader named Barbara… how cute are these?


Barbara also had a stunning collection of bead crochet ropes on display which, of course, inspired me to give it a try… I’ve got to say, it’s harder than it looks!!

After much YouTube-ing I pulled out the thinnest crochet thread I had in my stash and the biggest seed beads I could find and started stringing them..


Once that was done (which took forever!!) I found my smallest hook and after many, many hours of trial and error and you tube tutorial watching, ended up with this..


It’s a bit wonky, but if you knew how long it took me to make this you would understand how proud I am of it 😀

Of course by Sunday I couldn’t look at it anymore so I put it away for a bit and made the crochet fish I posted, but I think I’ll pick up my bead crochet again today and at least try and get a bracelet out of it.

I’ve learnt a lot from my tiny bead crochet attempt, so I may have to go shopping and get myself some thinner, lighter colored thread, and of course, some more beads for my next attempt. And I must remember to crochet a little looser for the next one!

Anyhoo, that was my weekend. Hope yours was lovely too!

Back to beading…


It’s been a while since I picked up my beads. I think all that prep for the Summer Market I did had me all beaded out… for a while anyway.

Anyhoo, I received my new Sabine Lippert beading book in the mail (Beaded Fantasies – you can get it on Amazon here) and decided it was about time I tried making something from it’s pages. The book is wonderful, and her designs are AMAZING!!!

As my stash is somewhat compromised at the moment – I haven’t refilled it after the beading frenzy I had pre market – I settled on making the RAW Ribs Bracelet. The design calls for 4mm fire polished beads for the base … 360 of them all in the same color – which, of course, I didn’t have on hand but I did have a load of cheapo Chinese bicones that have been waiting for me to find a way to use them so I figured for a practice piece I could use those.

I’m not super excited about the color combination of this bracelet, but considering it was made using whatever I had on hand – and there are A LOT of beads in it – it’s turned out rather well.

On an even happier note, making it has reminded me how much I love beading so I went and ordered enough pretty, matching beads to make two more of them… watch this space 😀

Square Stitch Cuff…


This is the first ever square stitch cuff I made. It’s also the first pattern I ever made all by myself and I still love it!

It reminds me of those old school tapestry bags little old ladies have – although I’d love one myself and I’m not that old 🙂

It’s made from 10/0 ish Czech seed beads and I used a couple of rondelle beads for the clasp.

Spiral Ropes…


These two bracelets are part of what I whipped up for my stall. They are simple spiral ropes using 8/0 seeds for the core and 11/0 seeds mixed with 4 mm fire polished and drop beads (left one) and 11/0 seeds and 4 mm crystal bicones (right one).  Both of these are made with trusty Fireline thread and simple magnetic clasps.

The thing I love about these spiral ropes is that they are a great way to use up your not so ‘perfect’ seed beads. So if you happen to have a stash of Czech or Chinese seed beads that aren’t great for bead weaving work, make a few of these to use them up – perfectly sized beads are much less important here. Also, these are super easy and quick to make and look really pretty as both bracelets and necklaces.

If you want to have a try are making your own there are loads of tutorials on YouTube like this one from the incredible Jill Wiseman.

Frankfurt Lace Cuff

Surfing the net for inspiration, I found the incredible Sabine Lippert at Trytobead, who is a brilliant German designer of bead woven jewelry. After drooling over her work I was super excited when I saw that she had some free patterns on her website to try out.

This is my version of her stunning Frankfurt Lace bracelet, and I’m totally in love… In fact I’m so in love, I ordered one of her books on Amazon to try out some more of her designs 😀

I did change it up a little, as I didn’t have any silk ribbons or giant buttons, I made a peyote  toggle clasp (YouTube video tutorial here from Potomac Bead Co) and embellished my finished cuff with some 4mm clear and light pink fire polished beads. LOVE IT!!!

Beaded Buttons…

My neighbour bought a green cardigan and she wanted some swanky buttons for it but couldn’t find any she liked so she asked me to make her some… I’ve never made buttons, but was up for the challenge, thankfully she had these blanks for me to work on, which made my life a lot easier!



After much starting and stopping and pulling things apart again, using every green bead I have (ok, maybe not EVERY green bead, but it sure felt like it) I came up with these.

Thankfully she loves them, ‘cos they took me FOREVER!!!!


CRAW Bangle take 1


I finally bit the bullet and attempted this tutorial from Beading4Perfectionists on a cubic right angle weave bangle.

It’s my first ever bangle, so I’m pretty happy that it’s bangle shaped and fits over my wrist but I’m not too happy with the colors on it. These were just the beads I had in my stash that matched this particular design so I went for it. I’ll have to try again with a better bead combo.

That being said my neighbour loves it! Shame it doesn’t fit her otherwise I would happily gift it to her… ah well.