Monochrome Cards…

Here are my latest offerings from my craft room… a couple of monochrome cards.

I know that black and white together is ‘classy’ and all that but I’m a sucker for some color so these go against the grain for me and I found them a little challenging.

And, yes I know I cheated a bit on the ‘just because’ card as yellow IS a color… but I couldn’t help myself 😀


Messing about with my stash

I’ve been making cards like a maniac lately, partly because I’ve been silly and signed myself up for that market I was telling you about, and partly because even though I received a bunch of new stamps and other bits in the mail I hadn’t used them until now.

These two are just a teeny tiny glimpse of the cards I’ve been messing about with.

The boat one is supposed to be a masculine card… which I’m not that great at making. And, of course, the flower one is slightly more girly – it’s a variation on the button card I made a while back and I really like the way it’s come up.

Messing about with 3D…


This little card was done by stamping the bear image 3 times and layering.

The base layer is the whole stamp image, the second layer is minus the bear’s head and the back of the chair and the third layer is just the arm rest. I wanted to layer him in a way that makes sense, so his head is the bottom layer as it would be the furthest from me. Does that make sense?

Cutting out all three images very carefully and layering them using foam dots, also very carefully, has given this card just a little more oomph. Love it!

Walking through life….



Here’s a little card I made, I think it’s kinda sweet.

The path and tree were hand cut and inked with stamp pads and the greeting is hand-lettered by moi, so it’s a bit more personal than my usual cards.

The hiking couple is a stamp by Paper Nation and was hand colored using Letraset ProMarkers. Not the best coloring job I’ve ever done, must invest in some more ProMarkers :/

Just wanted to share.

Hope you all have a great day!

Birdie Birthday Card


Don’t you love it when you have an idea, a picture in your mind of something you want to make, and it turns out exactly like you pictured it? This particular card did just that 😀 I have no idea what this type of card is called, but I love the idea.

Little fat birdies are cute, or at least I think so, and what could be cuter than a fat little birdie bringing a birthday message? Nada!

I hand drew a pattern for this guy on some cardboard then used my pattern to cut out two bodies so that when the card was propped up he looked the same from the front and the back (not that you can see the back, sorry). To keep the card tented (maybe its called a tent card?) I used some flat back gems on the frame part, just prop it open and it stays… smart huh? Not my idea, but its a smart one! I had a pack of alphabet beads in my stash that I had no idea what to do with, lucky for me they co-ordinated really well with this colour scheme, so I strung them on some cotton yarn and knotted them in place for my greeting. Cute huh?

Making cards… with Iris Folding


What is Iris folding?

It’s an Old Dutch technique of arranging little folded strips of coloured paper in a (mostly) circular way over a cut out aperture or frame, kind of like the iris of an eye, sound easy? It is!

There are tutorials available online if you would like to try it, or books of patterns and ideas on Amazon and eBay (probably in your bookshop too, just not in mine).

I love this technique as it uses up all my little scraps of pretty paper from my other card making ventures and needs only that and some tape or glue and you’re good to go!

Usually I look for an interesting shape online, print it out and adjust the size with my scanner to fit the card I want to make. Then I trace it on the back of the cardstock I’m going to be using and cut it out with a scalpel or craft knife. I get my paper scraps together and fold them all BEFORE I start and have a play with the way I want them arranged, then I get out my double sided tape or one of those glue rollers and go around a bit of the edge of my frame, on the back of my cardstock, where I’m going to begin pasting my paper bits down. Use a dry glue as a wet one will just get messy!

Once my frame is covered and looks pretty, I trim down the edges of my paper scraps so there is at least a 1 cm gap of my frame showing all the way around then I sticky tape the entire back of the design to hold everything in place. Card topper made!


I either pop the frame onto the front of a normal card (like the landscape one) or I use a double fold aperture card and stick my design in that (like my kimono card).

kittencrafts_irisbook The landscape design comes from an awesome book I got on Amazon on Iris Folding called, funnily enough, Iris Folding by Michelle Powell. I highly recommend this if you’re staring out with iris folding, as she has some really clever ideas and loads of patterns and even paper to cut up and use!

If you try this technique out, or have used it before, please post some pics so I can see what you’ve been making!

Happy crafting!

Cute little bear…


One of my other craft passions is card making. I remember when I was about 18 I received a handmade card from the guy I was dating at the time and loved the fact that he had put in the time and effort into MAKING me a card. That’s pretty awesome for a young guy to do actually! Needless to say, I loved the way it made me feel to be given something beautiful that was made just for me! I guess I want the people I love to feel the same way, which is part of the reason why I craft now.

I started card making about two and a half years ago as a way to work through some not so easy things that were happening in my life at the time and haven’t looked back since.

This is one I’ve made recently that’s going to a little girl that has a birthday is coming up. It’s simple and sweet and best of all pink and sparkly!

I used a Forever Friends stamp for the bear, my colouring in was done with ProMarkers and some glitter for the balloon. The pink frame around him is made with a Cuttlebug die (I don’t remember what it’s called, sorry), the inside edge of the frame is glittered and the outside edges are finished off with super thin velvet ribbon held on with double sided tape. I think it’s so cute, I’m tempted to keep it!