Christmas Boxes…

I’ve been a little busy lately putting together Christmas boxes.

‘What are Christmas Boxes?’ I hear you ask… Well, they are basically care packages for disadvantaged kids in Eastern Europe. There’s an organisation here in Swissyland that delivers said boxes to kids in need (I’m pretty sure these organisations exist everywhere as I remember there was something like it back in Australia too) but, of course, they need people to donate these boxes filled with goodness so that’s what I do – I make up as many boxes as I can and donate them.

For me, this brings back a bit of proper Christmas spirit 🙂

Now, of course, I’m not the only one making up these boxes – the organizers work with a lot of international schools in Swissy and the kids at those schools make up and donate these boxes too, along with various church groups and women’s clubs and what have you. I just jumped on the band wagon as I think it’s an awesome thing to do.

Anyhoo, I like to put in something warm for the kids that are on the receiving end of these packages so I’ve been making hats and scarves… and I’ll be making up a few more too, thanks to a yarn donation from a friend of mine 🙂

Along with these, the kids get toiletries, school supplies, something to hug (soft toy), something to play with and of course chocolates and sweets and other bits of goodness, all wrapped up in bright Christmas paper. For most of these kids, it’s the only gift they get all year, and the only time they get toys and sweets. As you can imagine, that makes these packages all the more special 🙂

On top of the kid’s boxes I try to make at least one ‘Adult’ care package too… these are filled with basic food supplies (flour, pasta, rice, tea, sugar etc.), toiletries and things like candles and matches etc. and go to the most vulnerable people.

If you’re interested in taking part in something like this just Google ‘Christmas Boxes’ in your area and I’m sure something will come up, and if you happen to be in Swissy and want more info about this, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll forward all the info to you.