Crochet Turtle Key Rings….


Phew, it’s been a while. Sorry all, life seems to be getting in the way of both my blogging and my crafting 😦

Anyhoo, I wanted to share these little turtle key rings I’ve been making – how sweet are they?? Of course, they don’t need to be key rings, you can make your little turtles into anything you like (I’m thinking turtle cat toys).

I found the tutorial for these here from HappyBerry Crochet.


Crochet Butterfly Hair Ties…


This is an awful photo, but how cute are these??

Yep, I’ve been busy making more hair accessories 😀 A girl can never have too many accessories!

There are loads of free patterns for these online, and they are so, so simple to make! It’s basically a crocheted 8 petal flower, folded in half and tied in the middle – easy and so cute!

Not to mention, a great way to use up yarn scraps!

I made these with cotton yarn (of course!) and a 3 mm hook. And if you don’t want hair ties these can easily be made into brooches or hair clips or key chains or even a sweet garland for a little girl’s room!

Learning Tapestry Crochet…

How I have never come across Tapestry Crochet before is beyond me but on my search of all things cat related I came across this pattern for a tapestry crochet bag – how cute is this??

I decided that I just HAD to give it a try and this is my version of it.


Now, as much as I love the way it turns out, I’m finding it’s taking me way too long to make this right now – I do have a market I should be preparing for – so I decided to cheat a bit and turn it into a coin purse instead 🙂

I still need to finish crocheting, line it and figure out how to add a zipper, so bear with me for that bit. You all know how wonderful my sewing skills are 😦

I’ll post pics of it once I manage to finish it… assuming it’s not a complete disaster!

Doily Days…


How can I call myself a crocheter without ever making a doily? Well, I don’t really call myself a crocheter, but that’s besides the point.

I found this pattern on Crochet Spot and decided to give it a go.

It’s not too bad for my first doily attempt, I made a couple of boo-boos, but all in all I’m pretty happy with it.

I just used the cotton yarn I already had – which was a little thick for doily making, I think, but I actually like that its a bit chunkier than a nana style doily. Not that there’s anything wrong with nana doilies, I just wanted something else.

I think I’ll go whip up a few more – hopefully without the boo-boos next time 🙂

I really needed another bag…. really!



Ok, so I confess, I really didn’t need another handbag but I did need to find something to make with that rainbow-y yarn I bought the other week. After all, 3 balls of yarn = 3 projects (at least) in my eyes.

Project one was this pot holder

Project two turned out to be this hand bag.

Again, I didn’t follow a pattern for this, I kind of amalgamated a bunch of patterns and ideas though and I really like the results so I might just use yarn #3 to make this bag again but actually write down how I made it so I have a pattern for it for the future.


A holder of pots…


I wandered into my favorite department store last week and picked up these rainbow-y yarns. They are specifically called pot holder yarn so i thought, why not? I’ve never crocheted a pot holder, why not start now? And as a bonus, if there’s any yarn left I can make more mini owls 🙂 I used the one on the left for this project.


I didn’t have a pattern for this, I just went for it. I figured I wanted a round pot holder with a hanging loop, which couldn’t be that hard to make without a pattern, right? Well it wasn’t, but I should have counted my stitches better (I’m not great at that unless I’m following a pattern).

Starting with a magic circle, I made 7 rows (rounds?) of double crochet, increasing in each row (round?). I just started making rows and stopped when the circle was bigger than my hand. This is what I ended up with.


As I mentioned before, I really should have counted my stitches because when it came time to join the circles together one had slightly more stitches than the other (oops), so I fudged it 🙂


You can’t tell unless you look really closely, but it’s a lesson learned for next time.

Anyhoo, I ended up with a lovely, thick, cotton pot holder, that can double as a heat pad or trivot or whatever you call those things you put under hot dishes on the dining table. Not too sure I’m loving the colors in this yarn but it will brighten up my kitchen if nothing else.