D.I.Y. Wine Crate Spice Shelves


So I spent last week updating our kitchen. We’ve been in this apartment for coming up to 6 years now, and they didn’t do much to freshen it up before we moved in so we took it upon ourselves to at least freshen the kitchen up a little…

It was really looking shabby 😦

The walls were supposed to be white, but obviously weren’t prepped properly before they painted them last as there were patches (of what I assume was grease) coming through the paint and it looked bloody awful! And the floor was linoleum, but had definitely seen better days… No matter how much I cleaned it, it still looked dirty and Nataly was not a happy camper!

Our apartment is a rental so spending a load of cash on it is kinda pointless but I got the walls re-painted and laid some new linoleum flooring so at least it’s clean now.

While I was on the kitchen re-vamp I found some old wooden wine crates in my neighbour’s attic, and had a brain wave! I had seen them used as shelves online and figured they would make brilliant spice racks, so once I’d convinced my neighbour to donate them to my kitchen revamp (I sent her a text and she replied within 5 mins saying of course I could have them) I cleaned them up a little, removed any stray nails / staples and sanded down the edges a bit. Once that was done, I got out my scrapbook papers and chose 3 that I thought went rather well together, cut them to size and modge podged them to the bottom of the crates.

I gave the inside of each crate 3 layers of modge podge, just to make sure that the paper and wood was sealed reasonably well, arranged them on the wall and drilled them into place.

Voila! Funky new spice racks (shelves) that cost me less than 5 CHF… not bad for a few hours work 🙂